a colorful life

Event: Color Me RAD 5K
location: Virginia Beach, Va

tribal run small

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When Zoloft and Balloon Animals can’t seem to raise your spirits, the best way to brighten your life
is running Color Me Rad 5K.

Color Me Rad  is a 5K that fires off in a blaze of color bombs, color cannons, color mortars, and multi-toned courses that guarantee your outlook will be brighter, your boyfriend will be more affectionate, your boss will finally remember your name, the hair on your head will grow back and the hair on your back will fall out, and your gray outlook will turn green like a spring morning.” (from the Color Me Rad website)

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do rad stuff

A cold, rainy day may not seem like the best time to start off on a new adventure, but we did it anyway… wearing white t-shirts and new neon sunglasses we arrived in Virginia Beach for the pre-run/walk festivities. We joined the crowd and started dancing and before we knew it, we were warmed up and the rain stopped.

The emcee was a hilarious dreadlock man in pink leopard tights — he set the tone for fun. We saw runners and walkers of all ages, from little ones in strollers to grandmothers.  We saw lots of women in colorful tutus,  even some men in tutus. We saw bunny ears, wigs, assorted costumes and an entire bridal party in white with the bride in her full length gown. By the end of the event, all were completely covered in color! We power walked our way thru the course in less than an hour and had a blast – we are already looking forward to next year’s festivities! Just another way to live a colorful life. (thanks girls for sharing your photos)

WHAT I LEARNED: Who knew so many people power walked a 5K?

WHAT I LOVED: Dancing in the rain is a great way to start the day!


a Barnes & Noble moment…

Title – Creative Image Transfer: Any Artist, Any Style, Any Surface

Author: Lesley Riley

Release Date: Coming Soon!


OH SO excited/grateful/happy to be a part of Lesley’s newest book! Here is what the publisher is saying about it…
Join the creator of Lesley Riley’s TAP Transfer Artist Paper and a cadre of talented designers, including several frequent contributors to Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, to explore exciting new ideas to create with TAP. With a sheet of TAP and a hot iron, you can transfer a permanent image onto almost any solid surface. Try 16 fun, new projects ranging from jewelry to home accessories and mixed-media arts. Learn to transfer images onto new surfaces such as faux bone, as well as fabric, paper, wood, metal, and glass; use with encaustic. Use the many techniques as a jumping-off point for creating your own TAP magic.


My featured project consists of jewelry made of Faux Bone with TAP transfers of my paintings and mixed media artwork. Faux bone is a smooth non-toxic plastic similar to PVC. It can be cut, sanded, carved and drilled to form any shape. It accepts the TAP transfers nicely to make jewelry that showcases miniature versions of your artwork.
I am anxiously awaiting my Barnes & Noble moment when I get to go into the store and see it in print! It is always such a thrill to stand in front of the shelves and know that when you open the pages, your artwork will be in there! Magic!
Thanks, Lesley, for the opportunity!


read the publisher’s official blog post and see photos of my jewelry here…