Sandy Lupton considers herself an “Art Class Junkie” who takes as many classes as she can – feeling that every experience adds to your art and to your life. She loves to experiment with new art supplies and loves to ask “what would happen if I do this?”

Fun is the name of the game in Sandy’s workshops. She is a Graphic Designer, Mixed Media and Jewelry Artist from Courtland, Va. Sandy teaches workshops and has shown her art in local and regional galleries, including two 1-man shows. Her work has been featured in magazines and books including Somerset Studio, Belle Armoire, Exhibition 360, 500 Handmade Dolls, Quotes Illustrated: 100 Works of Art Inspired by Words, Material Visions, and Creative Image Transfer – Any Artist, Any Style, Any Surface: 16 New Mixed-Media Projects Using TAP.

For more information, email SandyLupton757@gmail.com

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