worn by time and tide

Tribal retreat – Cape Charles, Virginia


Some call beach glass “trash”… others call it “treasure”. I guess it just depends on your perspective. For years, I’ve been searching for tiny bits of sunshiny color on the beach. Finding the perfect shell is always a thrill, but finding a bright green or blue blob of beach glass,  just the right size for a wire-wrapped necklace, is like finding buried treasure! It has to be ripe too — worn down by the waves and sandy bottom until sugar coated and smooth.

The Chesapeake Bay is full of glass, I assume from years of dumping along it’s edges. Plenty of it washes up on the beaches of Cape Charles, some ripe and sanded and perfect for jewelry making, some still shiny and jagged and ready for the recycle bin. We gathered as much of both as we could on our weekend tribal adventure -12 gals in Paula’s cute little beach cottage in an even cuter little town on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. I will eventually sort thru my glass bag and cherry pick all the ripe pieces out for jewelry. Maybe I will keep the rest for a new “glass garden” to remind me of Paula’s place and her hospitality.

I’ve known some of the girls in my Tribe since I met them at a Bluegrass Festival in my early twenties. We’ve seen each other thru dating, marriages, jobs, children and now we are facing empty nests and (sooner-than-later) grandchildren together. Like sea glass, our friendship has been shaped by time and tide — 30 years of beach trips and working and loving and living. 30 years of slowly smoothing our jagged edges. The treasure lies in knowing that they are always there.


Charity the Mermaid, our weekend collaborative art project, is shown below. Sandy Boo headed up the project, a donation for a silent auction for a friend of a friend. Collaborative art projects can be difficult with so many opinions and personalities going into them, but I think this one turned out especially nice. It comes with much love and well wishes for the recipient.

Mermaid "Charity"

Mermaid “Charity”

WHAT I LEARNED: Artful adventures are right around the corner… or right over the bridge (which happens to be one of the Seven Engineering Wonders of the Modern World).

WHAT I LOVED: I loved spending time with my Tribe, and loved the little hamlets of the Eastern Shore — like stepping back in time. A long walk, wild golf cart rides thru every inch of Cape Charles, all of us in one SUV on the backroads from bay to ocean and back, lunch at the Exmore Diner, oddities at the antique stores, the beach glass honey hole, and Paula’s sweet little cottage.

a Barnes & Noble moment…

Title – Creative Image Transfer: Any Artist, Any Style, Any Surface

Author: Lesley Riley

Release Date: Coming Soon!


OH SO excited/grateful/happy to be a part of Lesley’s newest book! Here is what the publisher is saying about it…
Join the creator of Lesley Riley’s TAP Transfer Artist Paper and a cadre of talented designers, including several frequent contributors to Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, to explore exciting new ideas to create with TAP. With a sheet of TAP and a hot iron, you can transfer a permanent image onto almost any solid surface. Try 16 fun, new projects ranging from jewelry to home accessories and mixed-media arts. Learn to transfer images onto new surfaces such as faux bone, as well as fabric, paper, wood, metal, and glass; use with encaustic. Use the many techniques as a jumping-off point for creating your own TAP magic.


My featured project consists of jewelry made of Faux Bone with TAP transfers of my paintings and mixed media artwork. Faux bone is a smooth non-toxic plastic similar to PVC. It can be cut, sanded, carved and drilled to form any shape. It accepts the TAP transfers nicely to make jewelry that showcases miniature versions of your artwork.
I am anxiously awaiting my Barnes & Noble moment when I get to go into the store and see it in print! It is always such a thrill to stand in front of the shelves and know that when you open the pages, your artwork will be in there! Magic!
Thanks, Lesley, for the opportunity!


read the publisher’s official blog post and see photos of my jewelry here…







Precious Metal Clay is absolute magic in a tiny package. A little lump of gray mush that, when fired, turns into fine silver in any shape you choose.

I tried a Precious Metal Clay class about 10 years ago but found it daunting (and sticky). This class was different! Cindy is a great teacher and we had a blast. She made it easy. We talked about what we each wanted to make and she helped us engineer it. Every student in class made several really nice pieces!

Roll it out super thin, add texture, cut into shape, dry, clean, fire, patina and polish. Add a necklace or bracelet finding and voila! Gorgeous jewels!

Precious Metal Clay Bracelet

WHAT I LEARNED: Precious Metal Clay is a serious sculpting medium. You can make the most intricate carvings and capture the tiniest details. It is a bit spendy, so the class is a bargain! I think I will keep taking the class instead of buying the tools, kiln and supplies. Cindy has so many options for textures and she is so generous with her findings, tools and encouragement that it makes it more than worthwhile. You could take her class over and over and make something new each time.

WHAT I LOVED: I love wearing my PMC jewels. I get tons of compliments. The class was nice and relaxed with some chat time during firing… a great day! Thanks to Jillybean for sharing some photos.