Binge-worthy art show

With temperatures hitting over 100 degrees for 4 straight days, YouTube is a good alternative to looking outside for art inspiration. My newest video obsession is “Home is Where the Art Is” – a British reality show that features artists and buyers.
The producers find three artists who specialize in three different mediums, and match them with a buyer in a competition for an art commission. The artists snoop around the buyers’ home, then each has a chance to show a selection of their art and pitch an idea to the buyer. The buyers pick two of the three artists to go on to the next stage. Those two artists then create a unique piece to fit the likes and needs of the buyer.

Watching the artists’ creative process as they work through the commission piece in their medium of choice is very inspiring. In the end, the buyers have 2 unusual and very personal pieces to choose from. The show takes you full circle, from inspiration to idea to completed art.

Everyone is really polite and enthusiastic and it is an uplifting, feel-good show. At the end, you get to see the art in its place in the buyers home, and the host recommends that anyone looking for art look to local artists to create it for them. Check out the 2nd season here.

an enchanted evening…

Rawls Museum Arts
Courtland, Virginia, 2015


This year’s RMA fundraiser was a fabulous event! Board members, staff and volunteers went all out to create an awesome event full of fun. The food was spectacular, the band was hot, the art is definitely enchanting and the gnome, flower and forest décor was the icing on the cake! If you have a chance, go see the show… you won’t be disappointed.

Rawls Museum Arts is located at 22376 Linden Street in Courtland, Virginia 23837.
Call (757) 653-0754 for information or visit