say yesMy name is Sandy and I am an art class junkie and a lover of artful adventures…

I love to take art classes, absorbing every little tidbit the teacher has to offer. I dive into each project with my mind open wide, focusing on learning the processes and not worrying one bit about the finished product.


My friend, Creativity Coach Lesley Riley told me that I needed to teach. I fought it tooth and nail. Eventually I meandered my way into it and have been doing it ever since. She also told me I needed to find my teaching niche. I thought about this one for a really long time. I bounce from medium to medium and really enjoy that, so I couldn’t figure out how to stick with just one specialty. I LOVE painting for a few months, and then I LOVE jewelry making for a while, and then….

After years of soul searching, I came to the conclusion that maybe my niche is not a medium, but a vibe, an attitude, a feeling, a fleeting thought, a way of being, or a way of making people in my classes feel about themselves and their journey of creativity.

So… no restricting myself to one medium or even two. I can’t help myself. I want to dabble in them all.

Welcome to my addiction.

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